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photos and ideas for using paperbag scrapbooking technique on 12 x 12 layouts

Find sample scrapbook pages using paperbag scrapbooking technique, article archiving, buttons, file folders, fiber, ribbon, stamps, stickers, chipboard letters, finger prints, wire, and paper punching!

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Sample Scrapbook Pages 1

A little background…Fat Little Souls…the title came from an article by one of my favorite authors, Nancy Wilson. In her article, she talks about nurturing the souls of your children and working to make sure that they have “fat little souls.” I have always been inspired by that article and one day I started thinking about creating a layout around it. Then I remembered seeing an idea in a book about using paper bags on 12 x 12 layouts instead of just for paper bag scrapbooks. And then it hit: why not use the paper bag to hold a copy of the article? What a great way to preserve what inspires me to love my children! So, this layout was born. I love looking through my scrapbooking magazines and books to see sample scrapbook pages. I used a piece of textured terra cotta colored paper for the background and then laid the paper bag on top of that. I cut a piece of cardstock to fit inside the paper bag and used a regular file folder to trace and cut out a tab for it. Then I stamped the word “pull” on it and attached a “ribbon v” to it with a regular stapler…still want to get a fastenater, though.:)

I mounted my photo on acid free cardstock to keep it from touching the paper bag, added some fibers towards the bottom, and added a strip of cardstock to the top of the paper bag and used sticky dots to adhere buttons onto the strip. The word FAT is stamped with sepia pigment ink and some foam stamps. Under that is the word “little,” which is also done in the same ink with a different alphabet stamp set. Then under that is a piece of ribbon. On the ribbon I mounted circles that I punched with my 7/8” circle punch and inked the edges with my sepia pigment ink. Then I added alphabet stickers to the circles to form the word “souls”. Finally, I added the piece of fiber all the way across the layout to bring the two sides together. And, when I get around to it, I plan to mount the article that inspired this layout to the brown cardstock inside the paper bag…real life is great isn’t it? I hope you enjoyed this first of my sample scrapbook pages!

Sample Scrapbook Pages 2

This layout is started with a piece of patterned paper for the background – all of the other papers on the page were made to coordinate. I created the overall look with different size squares and rectangles of each paper. I inked around the edges of some. In the bottom right hand corner I used a clear sticker with the word “wonder” and then I hand lettered the date in a vertical line to the left of the photo. The title was the best part of this layout. The T is a chipboard letter that I rubbed on my sepia pigment inkpad to color it brown. The A is a circle punched out of the green paper, then stamped with a flower and sepia ink, then inked around the edge with the same ink, then I added a letter sticker. The Y is made out of two nested squares inked around the edges with a letter sticker on top of that. The L is a piece of ribbon with a letter sticker on it. The O is my favorite. It is just two nested, inked squares, but then I added my fingerprint in sepia ink. Then I added a letter sticker. The R is an inked circle punch with another letter sticker. And finally, the S is another piece of ribbon with a V cut out of the bottom and another letter sticker on top of that. To the right of the title, I added 3 “ribbon V’s.” The first is attached with a sticky dot and a button to cover the dot. The second is attached with an eyelet and the 3rd is attached with a regular staple. Last, I ran my sewing machine along the top and the bottom without any thread in it just to get the holes punched in the paper. : ) I hope you enjoyed the second of my sample scrapbook pages!

Sample Scrapbook Pages 3

This is one of those that had been in progress for a year and a half… : ) After browsing though my scrapbook magazines looking for some new sample scrapbook pages, I finally got the inspiration. The background is a 12 x 12 piece of purple textured paper. Then I layered a large green tone-on-tone stripe rectangle in the upper right hand corner. Next I used a set of stickers to create the vertical border on the right – the purple strips and flowers are stickers and the pink strip is a fiber that I laid under the stickers. Then came the layer with 3 pieces of pink. The top and bottom pieces are torn and the middle piece of pink paper is the mounting for my 5x7 photo. Then on the middle piece of pink paper I layered a piece of dark blue cardstock before adding the photo. The title is a strip of green tone-on-tone swirl paper with 3 holes punched out with a regular hole punch. Then I added a piece of green ribbon down the left side and ran it under the picture and then over the bottom piece of pink torn paper. Next I added a piece of the same pink fiber from the right border under the title and over the photo on the left. Then I punched out 2 nested circles for the first letter of the title and 3 little squares for the next 3 letters. And I used the piece of paper that I punched the squares out of for the accent right below the photo. Last, I ran my sewing machine along the top and bottom without thread in it to add some texture. And eventually, I’ll do the journaling. I hope you like my sample scrapbook pages.

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