Mini Scrapbook Albums

see rolodex, accordion, wine glass and gift bag albums

Mini scrapbook albums – see how I turned a rolodex, box, gift bag and wine glasses into mini albums for scrapping.

See a mini album made out of a CD tin!

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Mini Scrapbook Albums 1

This was such a fun project! It came about when I brought home some plastic wine glasses from a beach trip. (It is a tradition on family trips to bring home wine glasses from wherever we go.) Later, as I was looking at the photos and wondering how to scrap them, I thought of the wine glasses and thought it would be so fun to turn them into a mini album. I don't think I've ever seen that done before so I wasn't sure if it could be but I like a challenge. So, I tried and I like what happened. I made tags and used wallet size photos to fit on them. Watch and see. The only thing I still need to do is add a little journaling.


Mini Scrapbook Albums 2

Tiny is the title for this scrapbook. It is all about a tiny house we used to live in. I created an accordion album and placed it inside a box that I decorated with the same themed papers. I drew a floor plan on the inside of the album and labeled the photos to correspond with the floor plan. Let me know what you think.

Mini Albums 3

Watch this video and see how I turned a football gift bag into a scrapbook. I made an accordion album and placed it inside. I also decorated the front of the outside and used a paper bag to hold the ticket stub. If you have men in your life who love football, this is a super fun way to preserve the memories. You can also hang the gift bag from a door knob or elsewhere for interior decor.

Mini Albums 4

I used an old fashioned rolodex to create this album. My sister found it for me at an office supply store and it makes such a great coffee table or end table conversation piece! This idea originally came from Donna Downey's book Creative Albums. It would also be nice to hold family and friends photos and contacts (a little more decorative than a computer or blackberry for contacts) or you might try putting recipes on it.

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