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Wedding Scrapbook Pages - My wedding Pinterest board, video tutorial, free class from Two Peas called 8 Weeks to a Wedding'll find all that right here. And I'll give you my opinions and my real life struggles with finishing my own wedding scrapbook. It's been 12 years and it's still not even started! eek...


Wedding Scrapbook Layouts 1 - My Pinterest Board

Pinterest is such a fun, visual "overload" of beautiful things. I've pinned some of my favorite wedding scrapbook layouts to my wedding pin board. You'll find pages with monochromatic color schemes, a Texas themed layout, black and white photos mixed with color photos, grid layouts, some silly, some elegant and, Lord willing, I'll be adding more. : )

Wedding Scrapbook Pages 2 - My Own Wedding Album - or not : )'s been 12 years since our wedding and I still haven't even started on my scrapbook album for it. I did start scrapping some of the showers, looking for a wedding dress page, and stuff leading up to the wedding but not the wedding photos. Styles and trends have obviously changed since then and so has my scrapbooking style. It seems very overwhelming to me to try to work on this now. Which is why I still haven't done it.

As I've been researching for this page and looking around the web at lots of wedding scrapbook pages and wedding albums, I've seen some people put the "pre-wedding" stuff and the actual wedding photos in the same album and I've seen them separate. I'm pretty sure I'll end up doing 2 separate albums for mine. All of the pre-wedding stuff has already been started and the colors in the photos and the colors of the clothes people are wearing and the papers I've already chosen are totally different than my actual wedding day photos.

My biggest obstacle here (or so it feels) is that all of my wedding scrapbook pages are all half started and the style is so different than what I do now. In some ways, I'd like to keep that feel because those photos are from that "era" of my life and so is the style of the scrapbooking. Then, part of me thinks I should "re-do" the pages so it won't be so challenging to finish them in the same style I started...I just don't know what I'll do about it.

I guess I've come to realize that scrapbooking is a journey and for me it's much more than just "getting it done" - That is part of my goal and the other part is to remember all the things God has done in my life. I've come to look at my scrapbooking much more as a creative outlet and a therapeutic process instead of just another thing on my "to-do" list. Don't get me wrong...I still feel overwhelmed all the time and ask myself "How will I ever get all this done?" Then I have to remember that I may not...but...if I keep plugging along and praying and living and working on it when I can...a lot more will get done then if I just give up completely 'cause I feel overwhelmed. That's what my website and my Facebook page and YouTube channel are all about...encouraging myself and you to enjoy the process and keep plugging along with scrapbook come along for the journey and join me on Facebook or Youtube. : )

I don't know when I'll actually start working on my wedding album or decide what to do with the pre-wedding scrapbook pages I started a long time ago but I usually post my progress on projects in these 2 places so we'll both see how it goes. Sometimes for me, just getting started on the thinking part and having it float in my subconscious for a while gets the ball rolling and then it becomes a reality...we'll see?! : )

Wedding Scrapbook Pages 3 - The Adventures of Glitter Girl #70

Glitter Girl Adventures are a series of scrapbooking tutorials put out by of my favorite scrapbook websites. In each video, Shimelle Laine takes on the alter ego of Glitter Girl with the mission of helping a TwoPeas forum member with a scrapbook problem/question.

The question for this video asked about using different papers on wedding scrapbook pages but still unifying the album and not making it "matchy-matchy"

So, Glitter Girl says she can help! : ) She talks about having a plan of action - not necessarily a rigid one but some kind of plan. She suggests knowing yourself and how you work best. I would agree that some kind of "plan" helps. I know a plan helps me do "baby steps" and get more done (and less time thinking about it during the process) if I already have a good idea of where I'm going. If I can, I like to think through an album and then do it "assembly line style". That doesn't always work but it is very efficient. : ) I wonder if I could find a white or black elegant looking larger box? I love it for trips and vacations or anything where I have a lot of photos of the same event!

Back to Glitter Girl : ) - she goes through each page in her personal 12x12 wedding album showing you how she put together pages without being matchy matchy but still making things go seems like they were still less cohesive than I would want mine to be but they were all stunning layouts. She is such a talented scrapbooker. Her wedding scrapbook pages have all been done a little at a time and at different times (over a 5 year period) so some of the styles are a bit different and it isn't super coordinated. I like that approach and then again I don't. : ) This is how I do my other regular layouts. I just create and don't worry about whether they go together or least for most of my albums. For my albums like this, the pages aren't meant to go together. Each page is a stand alone story. For albums with themes, I'm a bit more "tooky" about it looking tightly coordinated. That might be why I haven't done my wedding scrapbook yet...and it's been 12 years...maybe I'm being too much of a perfectionist? lol It's quite possible, I'm known for that even though I've come a long way. Flylady has helped me understand that part of myself so much!

Back to Glitter Girl again : ) - After she shows you her wedding album, she goes on to scrapbook about a friend's wedding. She goes into a lot of detail about how she thinks about the process and how she chooses products. She created a mood board on Pinterest to put the things that reminded her of the friend's wedding day and how it made her feel so she could translate that onto her scrapbook layout. On the mood board, she also included quotes she might want to include and lettering styles. After that, she pulls out the supplies she has chosen and talks in detail about why she chose what she did and how she plans to use them - you know...punches, stamps, stickers, papers, colored inks, letter stickers...all that fun stuff! Basically, she is making her own custom scrapbook kit to use for the wedding album as she works on it a little bit at a time. I usually do the same thing...pull stuff from my stash that coordinates together and have a general idea of the colors and the look I'm going for. If you're new to scrapbooking or just beginning scrapbooking, you'll love hearing all the detail she goes into about how to choose supplies to go together! Then, she creates 1 layout for the wedding scrapbook. She is very thorough and detailed about explaining why she places things where she does and walks you through her entire process. It's a 45 minute video. : )

You might enjoy listening to The Paperclipping Roundtable (youcan also find it on iTunes) scrapbook podcast - Shimelle Laine (Glitter Girl) is a guest on the show quite a bit. I love this podcast...listen to it all the time while cleaning or on the treadmill. Sometimes, that is my scrapbook baby step for the day. I post on my Facebook page most every day something about my scrapbooking adventures and sometimes it is just that - "Scrapbook baby step for the day: listened to The Paperclipping Roundtable"

Wedding Scrapbook Pages 4 - Class: 8Weeks to a Wedding Album has a free archived class called 8 Weeks to a Wedding Album. It is a PDF/reading based class with free downloads, checklists and advice on planning, organization, album size, color scheme and lots of other good stuff. I've read through a lot of it. I felt overwhelmed but it also helped me to start thinking through how I wanted to design and put my album together. I still have a lot of thinking to do - I feel more overwhelmed by my wedding photos than most any other scrapbook project...maybe because I only have 1 set of formal photos. Back in early 2001, our photographer used digital files all collected on a CD for us. : ( Then, we lost contact with him (he moved) so I'm not even sure how to get more copies if I wanted to.

Here's a quick outline of what you'll find in the class:

Week 1 – Album planning and organization/title page

Week 2 – Engagement and parties/showers/wedding planning

Week 3 – Rehearsal and Rehearsal Dinner

Week 4 – Ceremony

Week 5 – Wedding party/formal portraits

Week 6 – Reception 1 – toasts, dances, cutting cake, bouquet toss

Week 7 – Reception 2 – candids

Week 8 – Cards, gifts, and announcements 

There are a lot of details/things in this class to get your thinking process helped me think about things I needed to gather up and put all together before I could start thinking about what I really wanted...

Wedding Scrapbook Pages 5 - 4 links to Photos of finished Wedding Scrapbook Albums

Elise's Wedding Album - This is such a graphic, clean looking album in orange and grey. Elise designed her pages in Photoshop Elements and then printed them and used book rings and a binder front and back and put together a very nice looking album. She used typed font and a white background and created a beautiful piece. It is more of an album than a scrapbook and I think it's more of what I want but we'll see what mine actually turns out like?! : )

Sharyn's Wedding Scrapbook - This one is more of how we think of scrapbooking these days. She used black, white and red for her color scheme and used a damask pattern on most of her wedding scrapbook pages. You'll also see sparkle and memorabilia like her invitations and cocktail napkins.

Kelley's Wedding Scrapbook - This album is done in cream, tan and blue. She starts with the engagement and showers, registries, gifts, invitations, bachelorette parties...all the way through the actual wedding day photos. And it is all coordinated to go together.

Natalie's Wedding Scrapbook - This scrapbook is done all in white, grey, and blue. It is very coordinated with clean lines and a classic, elegant theme. It is all about the ceremony and reception.

Find more wedding scrapbook pages from time to time....

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