Digital Scrapbooking Templates

my reviews for 4 sites...single and multi-layer file types

Digital Scrapbooking Templates – I'm lovin' how quick it and easy they look. I think deciding where to place the photos and embellishments is the hardest/most time consuming part of scrappin'. These templates do that part for you. You still have to choose your papers so it isn't completely done for you. Site #2 ( does have some templates that you truly do just add photos...that is as simple as it gets!

Digital Scrapbooking Templates 1 - – There are some super cool templates on this site. I'm going to do a video here to walk you through where to find them, but let me just say, “They are super creative!” You do have to add your own decorative papers so you could use some of the free digital kits around the web. These templates give you a lot of options to customize. They give you the overall layout and then you can add the “theme” or color scheme you want.

Digital Scrapbooking Templates 2 - – This site gives you groups of templates that you can use separately or put all together to create a scrapbook album. I'm thinking this would be super easy and quick. You just add your photos to the design that is already laid out and embellished. The kit also comes with layered templates if you want more flexibility. They also have Shutterfly templates for creating Shutterfly albums. I've posted a video to show you where to find them:

Digital Scrapbook Templates 3 - – This site sells CD's with digital templates on them. Each CD has 50 templates. Each set comes with a layered file and a single file which just means you can use them exactly the way they come or customize them a bit.

Digital Scrapbook Templates 4 - – You'll find really nice templates here as well. It looks like you do have to add your own background papers, but most of what you need is included with the templates. Watch my video for my opinion.

See more digital scrapbooking templates from time to time....

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