Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit

3 ways to have fun making money with your scrapbook hobby

Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit - I'll show you how I am working to turn my scrapping hobby into some online income! It is a slow process for me 'cause I work on it in my spare time while home schooling and doing house work and yard work and living a normal life...but it is slowly getting there and I'm enjoying it and not getting burnt out. That is the very important part for me!


Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit 1 - Create Your Own YouTube Channel

Making scrapbooking videos for your own YouTube channel can be really fun and it can make some money at the same time. You can make scrapbook process videos (showing how you create layouts), product review videos (with affiliate links), photoshop tutorial videos or scrapbook product tutorial videos or a lot of other kinds of videos I haven't even thought of. : ) The easiest way to make money this way is to enable ads on your videos. Just Google "how to add ads to YouTube videos" and I know you'll find tons of tutorials.

I've been doing this for a while now and it is a great way to do scrapbooking for fun and profit! At this point for me it isn't a ton of money but it is growing and I'm enjoying it and it hardly feels like work at all. I'm getting to scrapbook and grow an online presence at the same for me. : )

Before I upload my videos to YouTube, I run it through a program called Handbrake - an open source video transcoder. It compresses the file and makes it much faster and smoother to upload and for YouTube to play. If I were you, I would Google "handbrake version ____ (whatever version you have) how to compress video files" - that is the main thing I use it for.

I am obviously not covering all the details in this article. : ) ...just trying to get your juices flowing. Please email or Facebook me with more to hear from you! You can also email my husband's podcast show...they answer lots of questions over there.

Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit 2 - My Favorite YouTube Channels

This is a popular page on my website called Scrapbooking TV...I show you some of the YouTube channels I enjoy. There are scrapbook process videos, scrapbooking tutorials, sketch to page videos and a ton of others. You'll learn a lot about scrapbooking and see how you could apply some of these ideas to your quest to do scrapbooking for fun and profit.

Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit 2 - Start Your Own Membership Site

This is something I'm planning to do for the long term, Lord willing. I've really enjoyed watching Noell Hyman's membership videos over at I can see myself doing something similar and scrapbooking for fun and profit that way! You could do the same thing. There are a couple options I know of for membership software/websites. There is a plug in for Wordpress called Wishlist that you can use. I think this is the easiest and least expensive way to go. I don't claim to be an expert on this. My husband is actually going to help me with it. He has a website/podcast for helping people start online small businesses. On his website recently, he talked about my plan to start a membership site so I can keep doing scrapbooking for fun and profit. There is some good basic info in his post about the Wishlist plugin for membership sites but I know you can Google and also find much more detailed tutorials and videos for how to install a membership plug in on your Wordpress site.

I obviously haven't gotten this really started yet. My scrapbooking for fun and profit is mostly spare time right now. I have a lot of other priorities. I think my biggest hurdle is the learning curve on the video editing and screen casting. I'm sure it isn't that hard but I just haven't done it yet. My YouTube videos are very amateur and that works fine for a free channel...I do make some money through putting ads on the videos. I need to keep setting my timer (Flylady style) and learn a little at a time...I have done that but I need to keep doing it. : ) You can see my "baby step philosophy" in action over on my Facebook page or by watching the welcome video on my YouTube channel.

You could also use Membergate. It is a much more intensive platform and more expensive but a good option. You'll just have to do your own research. : )

Hear the BIB Podcast episode where my husband interviews me about my experience with my YouTube channel and my SBI site. It's funny! - I talk about how I try to keep the main thing the main creating content and not getting caught up in the techno/cool factor side of things...just try to keep putting out great content...learned that from SBI...of course I do have to upgrade and learn but I try not to get too distracted by that and just keep the focus on scrapbooking for fun and profit. : )

Scrapbooking for Fun and Profit 3 - Build a Website

I've used Solo Build It to build my scrapbooking website. I love the business in a box model and the step-by-step approach. I get overwhelmed easily and even SBI overwhelms me sometimes but I love having everything in one place. It is basically a website building/SEO/website marketing system. If you don't know anything about building a successful website, you'll love Solo Build It. It has been around forever and it is very popular. I think the thing that drew me to it in the first place (about 9 years ago) was the "no hype" "anti get rich quick" approach. They have video tutorials for every step of the way and a super active forum where you can get all your questions answered. I can get overwhelmed there too but it is all from the same approach/perspective for the most part. If you just go searching online for how to start a scrapbooking business, you're gonna find a lot of hype and spammy stuff. I love SBI 'cause it lets me do scrapbooking for fun and profit!

SBI is not the only good info out there but I start there. I also love listening to my husband's podcast about this kind of stuff! There are other ways to build a website. Wordpress is a good one. The BIB (Beginner Internet Business) podcast has tons of info on building websites. This just happens to be my husband's website/podcast so I'm a bit biased but I always learn a ton when I listen and I love hearing the interviews he does with real people who have built successful online businesses. You can also find the podcast on iTunes.

Just today, I listened to an episode of The BIB Podcast with Shannon Dipple from She is a fellow SBI user and has a very successful website all about primary education. It was really fun to listen to how she used SBI.

Find more ideas from time to time for scrapbooking for fun and profit 

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