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Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas – find 2 layouts and see how to use pockets, vellum envelopes, ribbon, staples, stickers, cork letters, glitter glue and flowers to create these looks.

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Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas 1

This layout has a “Then and Now” theme. It came about as I was thinking back on the all the “business ventures” I've had over the years from lemonade stands and selling hairbows as a kid to some other things as an adult. The pocket on the right side holds vellum envelopes for each of the main ones. Each envelope includes the main memories from that venture.

The layout starts with a solid putty 12 x 12 piece of cardstock I used a corner rounder on the edges. Then I added the green cardstock strip and square. The strip is attached with double sided tape and the square is attached with eyelets and staples to make a pocket. I matted the photo on the left with cardstock and the letters BIZ under it are corkboard stickers. Next to the photo I wrote how old I was and where the photo was taken. I attached the ribbon at the bottom with staples and added some silver dot stickers to random dots on the ribbon. I also ran a handheld sewing machine along the green square cardstock, the left side of the larger photo on the right and the bottom of the entire layout to add some textural detail. Pockets are one of my favorite scrapbook page layout ideas because I can add so much to one layout and I can put some of my journaling where probably only I will look at it.

Scrapbook Page Layout Ideas 2

This is another pocket technique scrapbook layout. It is all about ways I organized my life at the time I created it. I just realized that I forgot to date this layout and then as I looked some more, I realized that one of the photo cards in the pocket shows a photo of my Outlook Inbox and the date is right there. : ) September 2006. Not much has changed since then. I still “organize” my life in much the same way.

I started the layout with a 12 x 12 piece of burgandy cardstock and then used the corner rounder on it. I used the corner rounder on the piece of patterned paper (Me and My Big Ideas) and then used my stapler to fasten it to the cardstock on each side. I used double sided tape to secure the bottom of the “pocket”. I then matted the photo and used the corner rounder on the photo and the mat. Next, I created the circles with my Fiskars shape cutting tools and embellished them with stickers (they spell out “Control is and Illusion” - something my husband says to me all the time) , glitter glue (I smeared it on with my finger) and the stick on flower. And then the scrapbook title – ORGANIZE. The letters are some metal letters from my embellishment drawer – not sure what brand? Finally, I created the cards that go inside the pocket. They each are matted photos with rounded corners and on the back of each piece of cardstock/photo I wrote my journaling about that specific way that I organize my life. I love learning about new scrapbook page layout ideas! Thanks for looking at mine.

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