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3 sites to find amazing digital inspiration

Digital Scrapbooking Layouts - It is amazing to me the number of incredible, unique digi layouts out there on the web. I've put together a list of my top 3 website galleries...what I love about them is that every one has a search function. So all you have to do is bookmark them and next time you need inspiration for a specific theme layout, search away and you'll have incredible ideas right there! I've created a video for you for each site to show you where to find the gallery/layouts. : )

Digital Scrapbooking Layouts 1 - - In the video below I'll show you where to find the digital layout examples on this awesome site. There is a wonderful search function so you can find layouts by topic or just depends on how the person who submitted the layout tagged it. In this video I searched for wedding scrapbook layouts and came up with 28K +. I don't think all of the projects were digital but many of them'll also find scrapbook style card designs and photos and wedding scrapbook mini albums...very cool stuff!

Digital Scrapbooking Layouts 2 - My eZine - I don't always feature digi layouts but you'll find them in quite a few of my back issues. When you sign up for your free subscription, you'll get a welcome email and there will be a link to the back issues page...from there you can look through for my digi projects.

Digital Scrapbooking Layouts 3 - - to find what you are looking for on this site, go to the top nav bar and click on Gallery. You'll find so many great layout examples! There is also a search function for this site and in the video below I searched for back to school layouts. There are some not so traditional ones like a super cool one a lady did about her husband going back to medical school. And then there are the traditional kid back to school layouts. They also have a link for their hybrid gallery at the bottom of the page.

Digital Scrapbook Layouts 4 - - you have to be a registered user to search but it is FREE to sign up!

Digital Scrapbook Layouts 5 - - You can use this site's search function to look up digi layouts AND scrapbooking rooms, scrapbook card designs, photos and more. For the search for this video, I looked for Christmas scrapbook layouts and found some wonderful ones! Find what you're looking for. I LOVE the search function of the web!

Find more digital scrapbooking layouts from time to time....

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