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4 great sites to find retailers near you

Scrapbook Store Locator – Are you planning a trip and wanna visit a new scrap retailer? Or have you moved and wanna find stores near you? Whatever the'll find 3 great sites so you can find scrapbook supplies close to home. I found one the most popular scrapbook retailers in my local town...see what you can find near you.

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This site lists stores by state as well as crops, classes and retreats! The page that lists all that great info is just part of their site. They also have a blog for the latest news in the scrapbook world with info about sales, deals and industry wide news. I've bookmarked them and put them in my “Scrapbook Blogs” folder. I used to subscribe to CreatingKeepsakes and I LOVED it! I've thought about doing it again many times but I've been too cheap. I keep telling myself that I can find all the info online and while that is probably true, I still miss holding a magazine in my hand. My son recently got a Kindle Fire and I understand the appeal of digital books and magazines but I have to admit, I still love the “real thing.” Anyway, why am I rambling about all that? Mostly 'cause this blog made me think a bit about “keeping up with the hobby” like I used to with Creating day I may just have to subscribe again. I know I've read in forums that people don't like it as much as they used to with some of the main contributors not there any more...I think they're mostly referring to Ali Edwards and Becky Higgins both of whom I really like as well. I can just go to their blogs if I want to see what they're up to. I'm just thinking out loud here. What do you think? You can let me know over at my Facebook Fan page. See you there. : )

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As I was saying in my last post, I used to subscribe to this mag and LOVED it. In fact, I still have “old” copies lying around and I still like looking at them. I recently took one to my son's basketball practice and had the best time looking at it for the millionth time. : ) Anyway, they have a store locator on their site with options for brick and mortar stores, online stores and retreats. So, head on over and check it out.

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Another great site for finding scrap locations in your area. This is a very simple site with simple links by state and organized alphabetically. Well, there isn't much else to say...I could go on and on but that's about it. : )

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