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Find ideas for scrapbooking pages about snow, love and just photos of the people you love! See one layout created with one piece of paper, 2 photos, 8 stickers and 2 pens and it looks like I spent hours on it.

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Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages 1

This is the page that used so few supplies and came out looking like I'd spent a lot of time on it. It is a piece of paper from My Mind's Eye – Blue/Stripes and Swirls Item #BH1076A – Bohemia. I placed the photos (one is a 4 x 6 and the other is a wallet size) and then added the stickers – love on the photo; the hinges; listen, work and whisper on the other photo; and the MEMORIES and captured in time on the left side of the page. I doodled a dot/dash pattern around the photos and wrote in my journaling and that was it but I LOVE this page!

Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages 2

This is my sweet sister. It is also a very simple layout. I started out with a white piece of 12 x 12 card stock. Next, I added the stamping – the flower-like stamp in a pattern of three at the top. The two patterned paper pieced came next and then the matted photo and the title piece. I printed the title out on my computer and then cut the paper and used double sided tape to secure it. Next, came the embellishments – hinge stamps and jewels. Finally, I used the stamp pad and ran it along the page in a semi random pattern. No journaling for this page except the handwritten date vertically in the upper left.

Ideas for Scrapbooking Pages 3

This layout started with a 12 x 12 piece of white card stock as well. Then came the striped piece. I punched out the circles and tore off the right side. I then matted the photo and ran my stamp pad around the border and placed the LOVE letter stickers on the photo. I used the envelope on the bottom left to store some photos that just wouldn't work on the layout but that I wanted to keep. The snow flake pattern is done with a stamp from Stampabilities (Florentine Snowflake C1055). The Sweet and Memories are both stickers.

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