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Scrapbooking TV - I need more time in my day to watch all these great scrapbook channels. You'll find scrapbook process videos, scrapbook card making, Project Life, scrap your stash, beginner videos, frugal mixed media ideas and more than you'll ever have time to watch. lol I have to keep telling myself, "baby steps...just watch and try a little at a time, Rachel!" ...just gotta make sure I don't crash and burn trying to try too many things at once. : ) Have a look and you might see what I mean.


Scrapbooking TV 1 - Two Peas YouTube Channel

I could watch these videos for hours! There are so many good ideas and so much inspiration. I have to remind myself that I can only do a little bit at a time...other wise it is so easy to get obsessed. Does anyone else have this problem? There are just so many things I want to learn and only so much time. But instead of freaking myself out and not doing anything and/or doing too much and crashing and burning, I plan to watch a little scrapbooking TV at a time and slowly enjoy scrapbooking and learning more. You can follow along with my baby steps.

So, what does the Two Peas YouTube channel have to offer? Some seriously good stuff. One of the things I really love is the new YouTube design. You can see the videos groups. All of the different series are all together. It is very organized and easy to browse. So, what kind of scrapbooking TV will you find?:

You can watch all of these video on YouTube or directly on the TwoPeas site. The nice thing about watching them on the site is that you can also see the still photo slide show and the challenge submissions - the layouts that other scrapboookers upload for the challenge. So cool to see what everyone does with the video inspiration!

213 in 2013 - a video series that comes out on Mondays. The goal is to go through 213 creative scrapbook prompts by the end of 2013. There is a link to the entire list or you can just see 3-5 at a time in each video. Some of the prompts this year so far are: add subtle texture to the background, start with a blank slate, get messy with mists, forget your paper trimmer, use some washi tape, use vellum, take out your border punches, create a photo grid, pop dot crazy and a ton more! I wish there were more time in the day to watch scrapbooking TV - lol

In the Mood to Scrap - In this series, a different Garden Girl uses a different Pinterest mood board each week to create a scrapbook layout. What a cool idea! That would be a great way to break through scrapper's block (if I had the paper and embellishments to go with whatever I put on the mood board) : ) But I still love the idea...I could still get inspired and use it as a jumping off point.

The Adventure of Glitter Girl - This is the scrapbooking TV I've watched the most of recently. Shimelle Laine (Glitter Girl) is also a frequent guest on The Paperclipping Roundtable - one of the scrapbook podcasts I listen to a lot. She has great videos that are very detailed and walk you through all kinds of scrapbook problems/challenges. Some of the topics you'll fine are: creating a title page, wedding albums, using map paper for layouts that aren't travel related, scrapbook layouts without photos, mixing and matching scrapbook products and collections and lots of others.

Scrap Your Stash - Do you collect scrapbook supplies instead of using them? : ) I know I can be guilty of's so fun to buy pretty things but sometimes I get distracted and don't use them as much as I would like. These videos on great ideas on ways to use your supplies and get your stories told. You'll find videos about: journaling cards, 6x6 paper pads, chipboard alphas, flair, arrows and a lot more.

Project Life with TwoPeas - I love Project Life - I just started doing my own version of it this year and it is so fun. These videos cover lots of topics related to Project Life like: squeezing in extra photos for weeks that have a large event, picking a color pallet, pulling it all together, process and memorabilia and more. : )

Seeing Double - How cool is this? I've been talking about this over the years...I call it making things "in series" which just means that while I have inspiration flowing from working on a scrapbook layout, I'll just go ahead and make scrapbook cards that are similar. That's exactly what this series is all about. Creating a scrapbook page and a scrapbook card that look alike. : )

Trendy Trios - These video are about creating 3 different scrapbook card designs with the same theme. So far, they have: ombre, triangles, gold, instant photo frames, nautical and watercolors.

Scrapbooking TV 2 - My YouTube Channel

Like watching scrapbooking TV? Well, you might enjoy my YouTube channel called ThankYouLord. Most of my videos are about the baby steps I do in my own personal scrapbooking to get projects done and layouts actually accomplished. I mix other topics in as well, but that is the overall approach I take. Recently, I've been working on my 2013 Project Life inspired album and a mini album/anniversary trip I scrapbooked in a box. Kind a of fun altered mini album.

Scrapbooking TV 3 - The Frugal Crafter

Lindsey at The Frugal Crafter has some awesome mixed media tutorials that you can use with your scrapbooking. She talks about scrapping in her videos but they aren't just fact, they are more art and craft stuff that you can use in scrapbooks. I hear the gals on The Paperclipping Roundtable talk about mixed media a lot and it is something I really want to play with. Can you tell I listen to that show a lot? : ) Here are some topics of some of The Frugal Crafter's videos: DIY resist spray, watercolor crayon tutorial, gelato back grounds, how to make pigment ink and lots of others.

Scrapbooking TV 4 - Mercy Tiara

I also heard about MercyTiara for the first time while I was listening to The Paperclipping Roundtable. She does process videos which means that she videos herself while creating scrapbook layouts and then speeds them up and does commentary about what she was doing in the video to create the pages. They are very good and a great way to learn a lot if you are just beginning scrapbooking or even if you've been doing it for a long time. 

She also has videos about her Project Life layouts and some monthly scrapbook kit reviews.

Scrapbooking TV 5 - LisaEDesign

This is another great scrapbooking TV channel. It's in my "subscribed" list in YouTube. Lisa has process videos for scrapbook layouts, Project Life stuff and a series called "From Scrapbooker to Cardmaker" - You'll also find titles like: from sketch to page, scrapbooking page with journaling in pockets, using patterned paper to tell the story, making your own tags and, of course, a lot more. : )

Scrapbooking TV 6 - is another very popular website. They have their own YouTube channel with some great videos which make for some really great scrapbooking TV. Here is a sample of some of the titles you'll find: beginner scrapbook tutorials, what are copic markers, shabby chic scrapbooking techniques, Heidi Swapp scrapbooking memory file, learn how to use eyelets on scrapbook layouts and a lot of other good ones.

Scrapbooking TV 7 - Paperclipping membership

This is the website that produces The Paperclipping Roundtable - the scrapbook podcast I like so much. I love being able to listen to it on the treadmill or sometimes while cleaning around the house. Some days it is my only scrapbook baby step for the day. The host of the show, Noell Hyman, has a membership portion of the site where she produces scrapbooking video tutorials. I love watching them! Sometimes, I'll pull them up on my iPad before going to bed and just learn. I appreciate Noell's approach. She is always talking about design principles in her videos and even though I have an interior design background, I always learn a lot.

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