12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage

see a video of my solution and 4 other options

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage - I'll show you a video of what I do and give you a few other ideas for storing your scrapbook paper.

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12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage #1- In this section I'll show you a video of what I do but first I'll tell you about it. I have an old drafting board from interior design school days and I use that along with plastic sterilite drawers from Walmart. I've had them for quite a few years and they hold up very well. I guess what I like about them is their flexibility. When I want to rearrange or when I moved a few years ago I just separated them and put them in a new spot! I use all different sizes of drawers but for my paper storage I use the 12x12 drawers. I also store layouts in them and what I call "layouts in progress"...you know, the ones that you start and get uninspired and need to go back to later. I'll also sometimes collect paper, photos and embellishments that I have in mind for a future layout in one of the drawers. That works quite well too. So, now I'll show you my 12x12 scrapbook paper storage. Ok, here's the real-life part of this. I created this page with the intent to post a video and obviously haven't yet...so I'll show you a video from my youtube channel of what I used to do. It is pretty much the same except I used to have it in my kitchen and now it is in my den and I use a drafting table instead of my microwave cart and ironing board. It is an older video...about 3 years.

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage #2 - A more designer option for storing your scrap stuff is the Scrap Box. See a video demonstration at theoriginalscrapbox.com. This is an absolutely AMAZING solution for scrap storage! And it is fairly affordable, of course, it depends on your budget. I've probably spent about $150 to $200 on my drawers and they are very functional but the Scrap Box is much nicer looking and a bit more compact. So, it is really going to depend on your available funds and space. I've even used a closet to scrap out of at one point and this is another thought. I'm getting a bit off subject here and going into scrapbook Stuff storage but that's fun too. If you have a spare closet, you could use a shelf at standing or sitting height for your work space and then put drawers on the other shelves to store your stuff. This has worked for me in the past. And it is very compact like the Scrap Box...just close your closet door and all the clutter is gone.

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage #3 - Try a Storage case from The Container Store.com. I have not used these but they look very functional. You can carry them with a handle which would probably work well for going to a crop. You can stack them - not sure I would like this because if I wanted to get to the bottom case, I'd have to take off all the other ones. That is one thing I like so much about my drawers - if I want something out of the bottom one, I just pull it out. I just love drawers period, I guess. The storage case from The Container Store can also stand horizontally for another storage option. This would eliminate having to unstack them to get to the bottom one.

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage #4 - You might also try a Pioneer Jumbo Scrapbook Storage Box, Black if you're not into plastic. I found them at Amazon.com. These are nice looking and would work with certain decors. I think that I would have the same issue as the storage case from The Container Store, though. I'd have to unstack them if I wanted to get at something in the box on the bottom.

12x12 Scrapbook Paper Storage #5 - Maybe you like all your papers out in the open. You might like the wire shelves from papershelves.com. They are like what you see in a scrapbook store for display. You would definitly be able to see what you have at a glance. I like this idea and then again I don't. Sometimes the clutter really gets to me and I like everything behind closed drawers. : )

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