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Free Scrapbook Quotes – I've put together some good sayings, poems and title ideas for those times you just don't know what to say. This is a series of 4 articles on the sites I've compiled for when you need inspiration for your scrapping. Hope these help!

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Free Scrapbook Quotes 1- – Quotes and Scrapbook Phrases

Do you ever have an idea for a page, have the photos for a page, get your page designed (mostly) and then realize you don't have any ideas for journaling. If you aren't the type to write a lot on your pages but you would like something meaningful, you might try some sayings you can copy. Maybe you've used up all your creativity on the layout design itself. I know that happens to me. Something else I do, is create my layouts in stages. I'll do conceptualize the design and actually adhere the page elements and then leave a spot for words/journaling and then come back and do that part later. You could do the same thing with saying for scrapbook pages. Just come back later and add them!

I love They have amazing resources! Here's what I like about the way they've organized their resources:

- They are alphabetical

- They are by topic

- And as they say, “They are relevant”

You'll find all kinds of topics like: adoption, achievement, baby, camping, christmas, cooking, family, military, motherhood, travel, wedding and tons of others.

Free Scrapbook Sayings 2 – – Titles

They have their scrapping title ideas organized the same way – by topic – alphabetically. They are so easy to find and scroll through. You know, over the years, I haven't used title ideas very much. I tend to use very generic ones that I come up with. Another idea you could use is to look at layouts themselves on or other layout idea sites and see what the designers have used as titles.

Free Scrapbook Sayings 3 – – Poems

Wow! I can't believe how many poems they have. Some of them were submitted by the staff at and some by the users. There are hundreds. You can submit your own too! They are also listed alphabetically and by topic. Yay for organization!

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