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Cookbook Scrapbooking – Want to preserve your family recipes and the stories of the people who serve those foods? There are so many ideas and possibilities for how to create your scrapbook for recipes. If you're like me, you start searching and you get overwhelmed. I've done my best here to break it down. I know there are SO many more variations and spin-offs you could try but this page is full of ideas to get you started.

Here are a few things to consider. Are you creating an heirloom-type book or a functional book to use in the kitchen everyday? Under each category, I've tried to list options and ways to make each type of recipe storage solution work for everyday use or for the album that you pull out just to reminisce and enjoy memories of family favorites.

By the way, this article is part 1 of a 2 part series – See more Cookbook Scrapbooking

Cookbook Scrapbooking Idea 1 - This Awesome Pinterest Board!!

Wow! I love this board...there are 76 layouts all about food, recipes, cooking and restaurants. Many of them have a lot of journaling...I love that and I've pinned some to my board Scrapbook Layouts with Lots of Story. There's one titled Culinary Christmas Adventures, Strawberry Patch, Food Network's Chopped Viewing Event, Let's Eat, Recipes from Grandma, Breakfast Pizza, Cornbread...mmmm...I'm getting hungry....

Cookbook Scrapbooking Idea 2 - Recipe Box – I'm laughing at myself right now 'cause I've gotten overwhelmed just doing this research! : ) There are just TOO many super cool ideas so I'm going to stop obsessing and give you some info and you can mix and match and come up with your own creation. : )

Recipe Box VIDEO Idea 1- This is a simple recipe box/file/folder style. It is embellished nicely and would make a great gift.

Recipe Box VIDEO – The lady that does this video also has an Etsy store and if you like her video, you can get her products there.

Printable Holiday Recipe Kit This is SO cool! You can print most everything you need. There are detailed instructions for making this project. This is one of the fun things I've featured in my monthly ezine.

Cookbook Scrapbooking Idea - Do it yourself! - Here is another idea. Look at you local craft store. I have found wonderful chipboard/cardboard boxes there that are perfect for paper crafting and embellishing. Here is a video that I did for a scrapbook gift box. You could used file folders to trace and then cut out tabs for dividers and create your own kit with papers and embellishments. has great food/cooking themed papers or you could just search all over the web. : ) Or you might even find a kit/paper pack at the craft store?

Cookbook Scrapbook Idea 3 - Heirloom Scrapbook – I would think of an heirloom cookbook scrapbook as something that you wouldn't necessarily use in the kitchen everyday. I would probably keep mine with my other scrapbooks more for display and looking at. I found an awesome video of an heirloom book created with family members photos and recipes. Heirloom Scrapbook VIDEO!

Cookbook Scrapbooking Idea 4 - Recipe Card Holder – This would probably be the type of project you would do for a gift or a small group of recipe cards. The holder is only about 1/4” thick and similar in style to a recipe box.

FREE Printable Holiday Recipe Card Kit - Super AWESOME kit! Just about everything you need and detailed instructions as well. Great GIFT idea!

Cookbook Scrapbook Idea - Do it Youself! - This VIDEO includes info on printable templates for a recipe card holder. So, this way you can choose your own card stock color and coordinating papers and embellishments.

Cookbook Scrapbook Idea 5 - Cookbook Scrapbook – Everyday Use – This is what I think of for everyday use that would also make a great heirloom someday. You could add to it as you try and love new recipes but it is still “scrapbooky” in style.

Becky Higgin's Project Life – her product is really marketed to everyday scrapbooking. I think it would adapt very well to a recipe book, though. I see 2 ways to use it:

1. Get the whole kit. It is not themed for cooking but it would work well especially if you don't like theme albums. It is simple and easy to use. She has great videos on her site (under products) to give you a tour of how the kit works.

2. Use her clear photo pages by themselves and put your own kit together with cooking themed papers and embellishments from or other sources. Don't forget to find an album to go with it.

You could add recipes as your life goes along and the recipes and photos would be safe from food if you just take out your clear page and clip it up in your kitchen before you start cooking!

Cookbook Scrapbooking Idea 6 - Stand Up Recipe Scrapbook – This style of album is a spiral bound book with a fold out piece that allows it to stand up. I'm sure you could find this style of book at many other stores, but here is one from the Cookbookin' company available at The fun thing about this one is that it has many coordinating food themed paper and such to go with it. The other thing is that it would be perfect for actually cooking. You would be able to actually see the recipe. The only problem is if you are a messy cook like me...not sure how to keep food from splattering on it?

Cookbook Scrapbook Idea 7 - Just Want a Kit? - I haven't found too many kits in all my hours of research but here they are: - You'll find kits that include paper, embellishments and recipe cards. You might have to add your own paperboard can get one a or look at your local craft store.

Digital old fashioned kit - This is a vintage/old fashioned grandma's kitchen look. It is digital so you'll have to print and add your own box/album. Or create a digital recipe scrapbook and have it printed at Shutterfly or other similar site.

Shabby Princess Free Holiday Printable Kit - SUPER AWESOME KIT! It includes detailed instructions and ideas. – I found 2 album kits with recipe cards.

Cookbook Scrapbook Idea 8 - Search other digital scrapbook sites... for kits that include papers and embellishments or anything that is printable. If you want something like a box or actual album you could use the printable stuff and add your own box or album to create your own kit. Here are 2 of my pages that have reviews for digital sites:

Digital sites to search for recipe kits

More digital sites to search for recipe kits

See More Cookbook Scrapbooking ideas from time to time....

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