Scrapbook Websites for Page Ideas

My favorite sites for getting inspiration

Scrapbook Websites for Page Ideas
– A long time ago in my earlier scrapbook days, when I needed inspiration, I just pulled out one of my Creating Keepsakes magazines. I still enjoy looking at them and do use them, but there are so many awesome websites out there for getting scrapbook inspiration. And the best thing about them...they are search-able. You don't have to remember which magazine you think you saw “that” layout in. : ) So here are my favorites:

Scrapbook Websites for Page Ideas 1

You can look around here! Click on the “My Layouts” tab on the left or use my search box to find what you're looking for. : )

Scrapbook Websites for Page Ideas 2 – This is one of the first websites that introduced my to digital/hybrid scrapbooking. One of my first experiences with it was downloading e-cuts. They do make cool layouts and you can get some good design ideas from their “Floorplans” books. They show you the layout idea along with the e-cut. What are e-cuts? - scrapbooking embellishments you can print and add to your pages. Ok, so where do you find the page ideas. Go to and click on the “Gallery” link on the top nav bar. You can search in layout, photo, digital, other, card or scraproom. And many times the contributors tell you what supplies they used. How cool is that?

Scrapbook Websites for Page Inspiration 3 – I became familiar with this site from reading Kelli Crowe's blog It is one of my favorite “scrapbooking” blogs. It is mostly daily life with some scrapbooking thrown in but that is what I like about it. Anyway is AWESOME! They have so much cool content. But you're here for page inspiration so I'll tell you where to find it. Mouse over the “Gallery” tab on the top nav bar and you'll get a flyout menu with some options on it.

Scrapbook Websites for Page Inspiration 4 - This is another awesome site with wonderful customer service. You can find the page ideas by clicking on the “Gallery” tab at the top. This site also has periodic awesome free digital scrapbook kits...use the Free tab at the top. You'll love them!

Scrapbook Websites for Page Ideas 5 - The coolest thing about the layout ideas on this site is the search options they have. You can search by mediums, themes, digital techniques, color, number of photos, products, traditional techniques, events and holidays, digital techniques and a few more!!! Mouse over “Community” on the top nav bar – then click on Club CK Project Gallery.

See more scrapbook websites for page ideas from time to time....

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