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Free Scrapbook Stuff – Once again...there are just too many amazing places to find free I just have to learn about what many of them are. I am mostly a paper scrapper but I've dabbled in digital and probably will more in the future...I think hybrid scrapbooking is really appealing. I've done paper with digital elements that I've printed out and added to my page. There are so many super cute free printables out there to add to your pages. The December 2012 edition of my e-zine show cases a layout I did using a free printable I found. It is a library-card-style journaling card that I used for a layout all about how I used to play library as a kid! How fun is that! : ) If you'd like to see the layout, you can subscribe to my e-zine. In your welcome email, you'll see a link for back issues. Check out December 2012!

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Here you'll find free actions and presets, storyboards and frames, textures and digital papers, digital photo frames and brackets. Rita is a home school mom...that's cool! I've just added her blog to my list of blogs I read. ( I also like to read Kelli Crowe's blog...she's another home school scrapbook mom.) Rita has tutorials for photo editing in PSE and Photoshop and also tutorials for photo retouching...the list is very long! : ) All this free stuff is very nicely organized which I love! It's easy to see what is there. You'll also find tutorials for how to install actions in PSE or Photoshop...actions are not something I have much experience with so I'll have to put this on my “to learn” list. I hear the ladies on The Digi Show talk about actions a lot. I normally just print my photos “as is” with almost no editing. I just don't take the time but I think it would be nice to learn for some types of formal portraits I take or photos that I want to make a special layout for. So, like I said, it'll have to go on my “to learn” list along with “how to use perfect pearls”. What do you have on your “to learn” list??

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Find alphas, templates, quick pages, digital papers, word art, fonts, vintage photo frames and kits. is a scrapbook shop with real physical products as well as digital products. You'll also find ways to connect with social media – Facebook, Twitter, blog and YouTube. There is also a gallery with lots of layouts and a message board.

Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the ideas swirling around in your head and wonder how to use all the free scrapbook stuff you find? I do quite is very easy for me to get paralyzed by indecision 'cause there are so many things to learn and so many things to explore in the scrapbooking world...well, in lots of areas of life...but around here I mostly talk about scrapbooking. This website is part of my solution to that and part of the problem. : ) I enjoy spending time researching but when I do, I also realize how much I want to learn and how much I don't know...every feel that way? Well, I'm very thankful for Flylady. I've learned so much from her and really changed my way of thinking...getting rid of perfectionism...or at least, getting rid of more of it each day. Choosing to be thankful for the time I do have and things I do get accomplished. I also really have fun encouraging myself and you on my Facebook page. I usually post little baby steps that I plan or that I've accomplished for the day. Just yesterday, I was feeling a bit discouraged about all the things I want/plan to do on my scrapbooks. I had just a few minutes during supper prep so I put my December 2009 photos into my Project Life Inspired scrapbook album. That was all I got done for yesterday but it keeps my “head in the game” and keeps my chipping away at projects. In the moment, it is hard to see progress, but when I look back at the last few years, I see TONS of finished projects (still some unfinished ones) and I haven't gotten completely burned out and quit! Success! Anyways, why am I telling you all this? So, you can come join me on my Facebook page and we can encourage each other to keep doing a little bit at a time. I also update my YouTube channel quite regularly with baby steps I've done and projects I'm working on. See you there!

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