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my top 5 favs with links and reviews

Scrapbooking Blogs - see which 5 are my favorite and why. I'll also give you some advice on how to not get overwhelmed when you look at these. These women are sooo creative!

My Blog - trying to keep it real - I ramble on a bit about normal life but mostly I'll let you know what topics I'm researching for this site and when I add new pages, free stuff I've found on the web, video reviews about other cool websites I've found and that type of thing.

Scrapbooking Blogs 1 - Ali Edwards - I'd say her blog has got to be at the very top of my list. Reading her stuff and looking at her layouts really changed the way I think about scrapbooking. I used to look at it as a chronological/event type the old style Creative Memories. You know, birthday parties, trips and they all had to be in chronological order with 1 album per year. Just perfect! Well, I don't know about you but my life is NOT perfect and I have never figured out how to get this done so I LOVE Ali's approach - Real Life. You'll have to see for yourself. She has wonderful ideas and if you'd like more real life scrapbooking ideas you can subscribe to my
e-Zine The Real Life Scrapbooker's Resource for new, real ideas each month. Check out my layout gallery for samples of the kinds of layouts you'll find in the ezine.

Scrapbooking Blogs 2 - Donna Downey - Her style is way far out there and super creative! My rolodex album and much of my inspiration for creative albums has come from her. Her blog is about more than just scrapbooking - she gets into many creative ventures. I like that hybrid thing, is very easy to get "off-track" and overwhelmed.

How to NOT get overwhelmed - Some people may not deal with this but I certainly do. I can be looking at scrapbooking blogs or magazines or whatever and all of the sudden my brain goes one of two directions - #1) total overload stressed "I'll never get to do everything I want to"...whine : ( or #2) total overload "That is SOOOO cool...hundreds of colors and images flash in a split second...I CAN do it all...and then I eventually crash." These days I am trying to be somewhere in the middle. I have taken a 3 year break from scrapbooking and have since started following Flylady (I say following loosely and I don't agree with all of her stuff) but she has really helped me to learn to "pace" myself and feel peaceful and get more done then when I spaz over all the cool stuff I could do. I set my timer and work on something until it goes off and then go on to something else for a while. This really keeps my from becoming obsessed and overwhelmed. It you tend to do this, Flylady's routines and podcasts can really help you. Ok...back to scrapbooking....

Scrapbooking Blogs 3 - Stacy Julian - She is the founder of Simple Scrapbooks magazine - very good for ideas if you get overwhelmed by all the embellishments and decorations! Unfortunately Simple Scrapbooks is no longer published. : ( Recently, I've really enjoyed listening to The Paperclipping Roundtable (scrapbook podcast). Stacy is a frequent guest on the show. She is also a co-founder of - a sponsor of The Paperclipping Roundtable. Basically, she's been around the scrapbooking community for a long time and she is fun to listen to/read/get inspiration from. : )

Scrapbooking Blogs 4 - Creating Keepsakes blog - This one is sponsored by Creating Keepsakes (my favorite scrapbook mag up until I decided that the internet was all I needed for inspiration). There are lots of different people that post here so you get lots of different perspectives.

Scrapbooking Blogs 5 - Kelli Crowe - She doesn't have a lot of layouts on her blog but she is a homeschooling Mom as I am and so that part of real life and scrapbooking together appeals to me. She has a list of blogs you can check out as well. She doesn't post much, but her blog stays in my reader 'cause I just like to read what she does post. : )

Scrap Blogs 6 - - Nancy Nally is the founder of this blog. Up until just recently she was the co-host of The Paperclipping Roundtable. I like this blog 'cause it helps me to stay up-to-date on the industry in general. It isn't so much about layouts or the creative side of things but about the industry and products.

Scrap Blogs 7 - - I've only recently started following Megan Elizabeth on YouTube and I recently put her site in my folder of blogs to read. She has some really fun money-saving ideas and I've had fun watching her stuff. It has a very "real" air about it. Check it out and you'll see what I mean. : )

Find more scrapbooking blogs from time to time....

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