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3 original layouts from my personal collection

Free Scrapbooking Stuff – that's what you'll find here. I have layouts, tips, ideas, links to tutorials, links to my favorite online free digital scrapbooking classes, photos of my layouts and, well, I hope to continue adding a little bit at a time. These are some of my older designs. You can see what I'm doing these days over at my blog or my YouTube channel I try to focus on telling the story but I confess: I do get caught up in the design. My background is in interior design and I LOVE all kinds of design. So, I do my best to balance both aspects of scrappin'. I use baby steps to get things done...Flylady style and you'll hear that come through a lot on my YouTube channel. : ) So, enough are some of my layouts.

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This was a seriously easy layout! The paper did most of the work for me. It is from K&Company. The left paper is item#643077660113 and the right is #643077660175. Left side: The large wording is already printed on the paper. I added the 5 circles on the top left and the strip of smaller polka dotted paper above the large word “family.” I also added the green and burgundy photo mats. The finishing touch was the clear circle bubble dots...I don't the technical name for them but they add a nice dimension. Right side: This paper has the block color patterns and stitching already printed on it. I added the large polka dotted paper strip along the top left to coordinate it with the left side and then I added the vertical circle punch outs at the bottom. I did my journaling on my computer and printed it out on vellum. I added a paper mat behind the vellum journaling blocks so that the words would stand out. I just have an ink jet printer and it prints just fine and lasts. This layout is quite a few years old. I do have to let it dry for a while, though.

Free Scrapbooking Stuff

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Free Scrapbooking Stuff

Another fun layout in block style with vellum journaling – yeah! This paper also came with the color blocks already done. The lower square blocks of light and darker blue are actually separate card stock sewn on with a zig zag stitch. It was already done for me but it is fairly simple to sew on paper with a sewing machine. I actually have a little hand held sewing machine that I use for that. I matted each of the photos and used blue chalk around the edges. It is very subtle. Then I did the white mat for the title. I printed the words on vellum and then attached it to the white photo mat. I did the journaling on my computer as well. I think journaling is SO important – I try to get journaling on every layout so it isn't all just about the design. Of course, that doesn't always happen – but I DO try! : )

Free Scrapbooking Stuff

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