Magazine Scrapbooking
2 of my favorites and other ideas for inspiration

Magazine Scrapbooking - See my top 2 favorite scrap mags and a few other ideas for getting your creative juices flowing. So keep reading and find out!

Magazine Scrapbooking 1 - My Favorite Mag - Creating Keepsakes - This has definitely got to be my favorite mag. I don't currently subscribe to it - I used to but I've taken a break from scrapbooking and it has been a while since I've looked at it. Two of the things I used to like about it the most were Ali Edward's column Studio A and Becky Higgin's sketches. They aren't there any more and I hate that. I'm kind of torn on whether to subscribe or not. Part of me really likes a hard copy to hold and part of me wants to save money and declutter by using other things for inspiration. While I'm deciding you can check out my blog and see what I end up doing. If you want to see Ali Edward's stuff you can check out her blog and for Becky Higgin's sketches, visit and look at the download section. The thing that you don't get with the download is all the ways to use the sketch and all the layout ideas that go with it. also has a searchable gallery of hundreds of layouts. You get photos but not any "how-to." I think this one is going to boil down to how much help you want. If you like a hard copy - something to hold - I would definitely recommend Creating Keepsakes!

Magazine Scrapbooking 2 - other ideas for inspiration. Try checking out various online scrapbooking communities like Two Peas in a and

Two Peas in a Bucket - This site has thousands of layouts. It also has a search function which I love. (That is a downside to mags) I typed in baby and got 70K results. That is a lot of inspiration! I'm going to have to research some more but it looks like they offer some really neat classes online. You have to check out this site! - I just recently found this site but it is AMAZING. I think it will be very good for me and the "getting overwhelmed thing." It is very straighforward. Each week there is one sketch and each person from a team of designers uses the sketch to create a layout. SO COOL! They even have free digital scrapbooking template download at the end of each post. You'll probably be seeing me follow this site and create along with them. See what I do on my blog.

Update: Pencillines is no longer publishing new sketches but the site is still active for all of the original content. Yay!

Magazine Scrapbooking 3 - You might also want to subscribe to my magazine scrapbooking. It is really just an ezine but each month I send out fresh, free ideas for scrapbooking from my trying to keep it real perspective.