Free Printable Scrapbook Templates

4 resources for templates you can download

Free printable scrapbook templates - They really are FREE and they are high quality. Each of the sketches/free templates have layout ideas to go with them. Talk about a way to get your creative juices flowing. They make scrapbooking really easy...well, relatively. It still takes time, but it is sooo much easier with sketches.

Free printable scrapbook templates #1 is my number 1 choice. They are an amazing source but also a wonderful magazine for scrapbooking. I used to subscribe but these days I use online stuff the most...there are just so many resources out there on the web. To find their free downloads go to their website and then click on Downloads on the top nav bar. From there you'll see everything arranged by issue/month. I had a problem with the downloads for November 2009 but the others seem to work great. You'll find the sketches from Becky Higgins as well as free font downloads, free journaling downloads and a lot of other free stuff. Like I said, WOW! I'm looking forward to using this more in the future. If you prefer video, I'll show where to find the downloads.

Also, check out my blog for future resources for free templates!

Free printable scrapbook templates #2 is a nice clean, uncluttered site and that is one thing I like about it so much. It is in the form of a blog with about 1 post a week. You don't get too overwhelmed by it. Basically, there is 1 sketch per week and then a team of designers each create a layout using the sketch. So you get a sketch and multiple layout ideas. And even better - at the end of each post there is a free digital template download as well! I did a review video for my YouTube Channel about this site. The downloads on pencillines are in pdf format so that makes them very convinient if you have a notebook or folder for such things. At this point, I'm not sure I am going to actually print them out. I like things simple and I like the idea of just looking online and then again I'll probably print one out if I plan to use it. Do you like to print yours out?

Update: is no longer creating sketches but the site is still active. Yay!

Free printable scrapbook templates #3 is also an amazing site! It is really more of a community where you can take classes, shop, show off your layouts and get free stuff. To find the template downloads go to the site and click on the education tab on the top navbar. Then on the right, under the Top Classes section, click on the Super Sketches link. So, for the year of 2009 you'll find a sketch for each month and layouts designed around the sketch. So Cool! This is an incredible site. In the education section they also have digital scrapbooking classes. I haven't checked those out yet but it is on my list. Below, I'll show you where to find the sketches.

Free printable scrapbook templates #4 also has downloadable scrap stuff. Click on Layouts & Templates on the top nav bar. Then click on page sketches. There are 12x12", 8.5 x 11", 2 page, single photo and multi photo. I like that they have them divided like makes them easier to find. They also have free digital scrapbooking kits here and other free digital downloads. This site requires a registration but you'll then have access to the printables when you log in.

See more free printable scrapbook templates from time to time....

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