Scrapbook Layouts

eCuts and 2 Christian Faith layouts

Scrapbook Layouts - Learn how to use ecuts – what an easy way to scrapbook! Also, see 2 of my layouts about my Christian faith.

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Scrapbook Layouts 1

This first layout is made almost entirely with eCuts. I downloaded the digital embellishments and printed them out on my computer. They are from So, the circle tags and the square in the upper left corner, the embellishment strip down the left side, the tag in the upper right corner (I did add real ribbon) and the square in the bottom right corner (I added the feb rub ons) are all from the same ecuts download. All I had to do was add the photo and matt it, add the brown strip of torn paper down the right side and the piece of burlap down the left side, journal and I was done!

Scrapbook Layouts 2

Here I Raise My Ebenezer – this is the title of this layout. It all about our financial journey and God's faithfulness. I'm going to include the journaling on the vellum block because it gives the background. It reads: What is an Ebenezer? The name is taken from the book of I Samuel in the Old Testament. Israel had lost a significant battle to the Phillilstines and many years later, after much had happened to bring Israel back to God, they fought the Phillistines again at the very same location, but this time they won! The Prophet Samuel had a large stone set up in that place as a memorial stone for Israel to remember that they had won this battle in the same place they had been defeated before, and that they had done it by God's help, and ONLY by His help. He named the stone and the place, Ebenezer, which means “Stone of Help.” (I Samuel 7-12)

So, this layout is mostly journaling – it is included in many pages under the title page and there is also a paper bag under that that includes some other details important to the story.

The background is a green patterned piece of paper and then came the paisley pattern which I tore along the left edge. Then I added the paper bag and cut the top off with pattern scissors. Next I laid the pages of journaling and the title page to it and tied them together with the green fiber. I attached the whole thing and decorated the front cover. The EBENEZER is printed out on my computer and the Our Hope is in the Lord is a stamp. I also printed out some basic journaling on the vellum and attached it mostly with staples. Lastly, I added the 3 metal embellishments at the top of the vellum.

Scrapbook Layouts 3

This is just a fun journaling, nothing too serious – it is just supposed to be art. I set up my tripod to take this photo of my upraised hands. The background is brown card stock. Then I added a white piece of card stock on the right side. I then overlaid it with the white crumpled tissue paper. Next, I added the ribbon pieces and the mirror tiles and the pearl accents. Lastly, I added the BELIEVE metal tag and the circle metal tag (the 06 are rub on numbers). This might be good for a scrapbooking frame as art. Sort of a Scrapbooking on the Wall concept. I plan to do a project on canvas some day, Lord willing. I have the blank canvas above my fireplace right now...we'll see?

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