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Free Scrapbook Elements – more sites to find free my videos where I'll walk you through where to find the stuff on the sites and tell you what I like about each site. I'm such a fan of video demos...I like to read books, but when it comes to how-to or finding stuff, I like videos. You can find more of my videos on my YouTube channel.

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This website is on my list of places to research and try out. I've heard good things about it from the girls on The Digi that podcast! Check it out on iTunes. What I didn't know until recently is that they offer free digi elements. They have papers and elements, printable PDF's, 3 x 4 printable cards, templates and they are all nice and organized. They have stuff for Father's Day, vintage Christmas, Summer, Love, Fall, boy themed, bicycles, banners, vacation, 12 x 12 instagram printing least, they had all these things at the time I wrote this. I'm a one woman show so I can't keep up with everything. I'm learning stuff all the time...that's what this website is all about...the journey of learning. So, Lord willing, I'll get to try Persnickety's prints, digital stuff, photo books and maybe try Instagram. I know, isnt' it crazy that I haven't delved into that yet...I see the cute pics from some of my friends of Facebook...need to try that. It's on my mental list. The main place I've tried for photobooks is Shutterfly. I was very happy with them!

Free Scrapbook Elements –

One of my favorite things about this blog?!: the kits are organized by theme and are easy to find...just look at the right side bar and you'll see links to them by title so you can see what you are clicking on. You don't have to scroll through all the blog posts if you don't want to, although, it looks like it would be interesting to read...there's only so much time in the day, right?! : ) Another great place to find free elements! She has digital kits titled: Old Fashioned Christmas, Best of Fall, Boy Oh Boy, Apples and Almonds, Angel Mother, Sweet Springtime, Winter Wonderland, So This is Love, One Year Older, Happy Mother's Day, Happy Father's Day, Gratitude, Thanks for Giving and many more.

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I've heard the girls at The Digi Show talk about Sweet Shoppe many times. I still consider myself a paper scrapper but I've dabbled in digital and will probably continue to as time allows for learning...sometimes I feel quite overwhelmed but thankful for all the free tutorials and free stuff out there...just gotta keep learning a little bit at a time. I've also done some hybrid layouts and those are a nice mixture of paper and digital. : ) What kind of scrapbooking do you do?

On Sweet Shoppe's freebie page you'll find 24 free kits, alphas, elements, papers, mini kits, fonts, templates...not 24 of each but 24 free things...a little bit of each!

You'll also find a shop, forum, gallery, tutorials and chat...a digital scrapbook community. If only there were more hours in the day! : )

Find more free scrapbook elements from time to time....

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