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Free Printable Scrapbook Stuff – Printables are something that I haven't really gotten into with my personal scrapbooking until I recently started looking around at what is available. I have used the e-cuts from and was impressed with the way the prints turned out. I just had a super basic ink jet printer 6 years ago and the page I created using the e-cuts still looks great. Now I have an Epson printer and I'm not an expert on printers but the prints turned out just fine with my old HP printer so I'm good with trying my Epson. I've not had any luck with print at home photos...I still have mine done at a photo lab but the printable scrapbooking stuff seems to work just fine. There are SO many super cute scrapbook printables...I especially love the journaling cards or I've seen them called journaling spots. I was planning to buy some journaling block/spot stamps and I still may but I love all the ones that I can print and them just cut out and put on my page...there are a lot of black ones which is the color I mostly accent with on my scrapbook pages so I'm looking forward to using all the printables I've's like a whole new world! : )

Free Digital Scrapbooking Kits

Free Digital Scrapbook Stuff

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You'll probably get lost here and not even check out the other links below. : ) There are so many great free printable things and websites and blogs on this pinterest board, but just in case you get through these ( ha ha)...just do a search on the main Pinterest page and you'll find more...have fun “getting lost”...I know I sure did!

Free Printable Scrapbook Stuff –

….another great scrapbook blog with lots of freebies...all you have to do is click on the freebies tab on the right hand nav bar (it's over to the right under Categories). Some of the freebies are printable and some are files for image editors...some of those you can print too...I'm just not an expert to tell you how. : ) It looks like you''ll also get some freebies by liking her FB page.

Free Printable Scrapbook

This blog has some really nice free stuff and it is organized nicely looks like some of the much older posts have links that no longer work but you'll find lots of good stuff from this'll find tickets, tags, journaling cards and elements for a day planner...just add card stock, hole punch and binder rings...I love that...the creativity/DIY part is so fun!

Free Printable Scrapbook

You'll find some very pretty things to print but some of the images are PSE and other digital editor files...if you have the programs and know how, I think you can print those as well...I'm not an expert at those types of programs...still learning a lot. On the right hand side under Categories you can click on “Printables” or “Free Goodies” or just do a search if you're looking for something specific.


To find the free stuff on this blog, find the search box on the left hand side (not too far down) and type in “free printable”...I found Holiday gift tags, journaling cards and all kinds of fun stuff!


This one is a little hit or miss...I've been frustrated trying to use their search bar, but there are some cute things on here if you're willing to dig a bit. Here are 2 links to free journaling spots or you could also call them free journaling cards:

Find more free printable scrapbook stuff from time to time....

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