Scrapbook Sketches

my video reviews of 3 great sites for finding sketches

Scrapbook Sketches – This is part 1 of my 3 part series. I've been having so much fun doing the research for these pages. I've always thought that sketches were super cool for getting scrap inspiration but after spending some more time checking out these great sites, I am even more inspired.

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Scrapbook Sketches 1 –

Pagemaps by Becky Fleck is associated with Scrapbook and Cards Today Magazine. You can view it FREE on their site. How cool is that? You can also view it on the iPad making it awesome to take with you on the go. I was telling myYouTube subcribers recently that I used to subscribe to Creating Keepsakes Magazine back in the day. Then I took a break from scrapping for a few years (too much going on) and when I came back, a lot of things had changed at CK. I'm sure it is still a good mag but I've also been super frugal recently so I kept putting off subscribing. There are also a million places on the web for overcoming scrapper's block : ) but there is just something about chilling out with a good magazine. So I am super excited to find this one. You can really get that page turning experience on the iPad – it does work on your computer but doesn't feel quite the same since it isn't portable.

This site has some great sketches and the most current ones have layout examples with them. That is one of the things that I like most...when the designs have layouts. Even better – when they have multiple designers that have interpreted the sketch. That way you can see it from many different perspectives. This site just has 1 example per sketch which is enough to get you started for sure. : )

You can also find sketches for these:

Halfmaps – these are 6 x 12 that can be done vertically or horizontally

Roundmaps – round scrapbook cool is that!

Minimaps – these are layout ideas for 8 x 8 and 6 x 6

Sidemaps – 8 ½ x 11 landscape syle

Cardmaps – sketches for card making

Tagmaps – ideas for tag making

I'll show you around the site in my video. : )

Scrapbook Sketches 2 –

Susan Stringfellow has some great scrap sketches on her blog. I love the fact that there is at least 1 layout example to go with it. In June 2012 she has a mini tutorial on how to turn a 1 page sketch into a 2 page layout. And on a random note, she has a site just for Disney Scrapbookers. So some of her sketches have Disney layouts. You could, of course, interpret them for what ever topic you wanted. : ) She has used honeycomb patterns, circles and banners and lots of other shapes as well.

Scrapbook Sketches 3 – Bing Images

Ok, so this one is a no-brainer for most people I guess. I'm embarrassed to say that when I do a search I don't usually think to do an actual “image search” so if you're one of those people like me, maybe this will help you too. I can't believe how easy it is to search for scrapbook sketches this way! They are all just right there and you can view so many at one time. I always just do a regular search and end up scrolling through sites and blogs and wading through so much other content. This way you can just see the images. Duh! Why don't I think of that?

See more scrapbook sketches from time to time....