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Find lists of things to include in your pregnancy album, a video walk-though of Ali Edward's daughter Anna's baby book, a pregnancy album template, encouragement for new moms wanting to scrapbook but feeling overwhelmed and lots of other fun stuff! : )


Pregnancy Scrapbook 1 - My Pinterest Board's so easy to get lost on you have that problem? lol - I've had a lot of fun looking at and pinning scrapbook layouts and ideas for pregnancy and baby. You'll find some layouts without photos, plenty of layouts showing the baby bump growing, free pregnancy scrapbook printables, layouts about ultrasound photos and more as I come across them in my Pinterest adventures... : ) Have fun looking but don't get overwhelmed...yeah right?!

Pregnancy Scrapbook 2 - Ali Edwards - Anna's Baby Book

Ali Edwards has really been a big influence on my scrapbooking. I've learned to put more emphasis on the stories behind my photos and not just focus on design and's always a struggle for me 'cause I love "pretty" stuff. Don't we all? : ) Anyway, in this blog post and video, she talks about the things she included in her baby's scrapbook album...a onesie, birth certificate, well baby visits info sheets, birth story, list of music she listened to when Anna was a baby, the story of her using cloth diapers, layouts about waiting for baby and some others. One of the things I like about this post/video is that she talks about what she has done and what else she would like to add to the album. Many scrapbook albums are a "work in progress". Sometimes, I forget that even "scrapbook celebrities" are real people that don't "get everything done" - and Ali scrapbooks for a living. So, let's be encouraged that we can keep working on our scrapbook projects. : ) One other big thing I got out of this post was that I need to blog more and use it as a way to capture stories and then later I can add them to my layouts. I used to keep a journal but I think it got too introspective for me so I stopped but I really need to take a more balanced approach and write more...wish me luck!

More from Ali - has a journaling techniques email video series by Ali - I just signed up for it. At the moment it is free...not sure how long that will last?

My personal baby scrapbook projects:

Baby Scrapbooking Layouts - Part 1 of my firstborn's baby book - I've included photos of 8 8x8 layouts...they are done in blue and tan with a fleur de lis motif and metal embellishments.

Baby Scrapbook Pages - Part 2

Baby Scrapbook Layouts - 3 -12x12 baby boy scrapbook layouts - I've used extra large chipboard letters, glitter glue, polka dot paper, an accordion album on the page and hand journaling to create these pages.

Pregnancy Scrapbook 3 - Pregnancy Journal - Scrapbook Style

This album is more like a journal for week by week documenting of Olga's pregnancy. She has it organized by week and take a photo or herself and uses a manual vintage typewriter to record her feelings and the growth of the baby. She calls her style eclectic and it is but very pretty. : ) I like the simple approach. It looks like she used a simple bound book (like a regular journal) but it also looks like it got a little bit thick...a problem I have with things too. I think if I ever used this approach, I'd use a 3 ring binder of something expandable just so it wouldn't get too thick. This happened to me with my own version of a Smash Book. She says her favorite products to use are Washi tape, various ribbons, scraps of paper, buttons and mist spray by Mister Huey's color mists.

Encouragement! - I always feel like it is so important to encourage! I've been scrapbooking for a LONG time - off and on for 15 years or so. I still get overwhelmed...especially when I get on Pinterest or start looking in scrapbooking galleries or looking at scrapbook magazines. There are so many talented designers and scrapbookers out there and I often get anxious and feel like I don't measure up or I'll never "get it all done" - Guess what? I won't ever "get it all done"! It's impossible to record all my stories and memories. But I have come to learn and I have to remind myself over and over again that the stories I do get told and the scrapbook layouts I do accomplish are so much better than not having any 'cause I never started because I was overwhelmed. I'm so thankful for the layouts and albums I have completed over the years by doing a little bit at a time. So, especially if you're a new mom and feeling really overwhelmed, take heart! Look at scrapbooking as a journey and enjoy! You might be interested in my Facebook page or YouTube channel where I encourage myself (and you) to take baby steps and to get our scrapbooking done a little bit at a time.

Pregnancy Scrapbook 4 - Jamie Sorensen 2 Peas album

This is an awesome pregnancy album - Jamie has links to part 1 and part 2 about planning and creating a baby/prego album and then links to part 1 and part 2 of actual photos of the layouts in the album. They are in the TwoPeas gallery so you can view them as a slide show. I love seeing them that way. She gives her tips on how to plan a pregnancy scrapbook album, how to gather supplies, how to put it together and gets you thinking about what you might want to include. She included these parts:

- when we knew we were ready

- the day we found out

- sharing the news

- 1st trimester

- cravings

- ultrasound photos

- photos of the pregnancy books she read

...and some'll have to check out her album to see them all...

Here are 2 other parts to her baby album:

Pregnancy Scrapbook 5 - links for how to plan - lists of stuff to include

Step-by-step Guide to Creating a Pregnancy Scrapbook

Pregnancy Mini Album

I really like both of these links. They have a lot of good ideas for helping you think through the parts you want to include in your album. When I sit down to start working on a themed album, I usually get brain freeze about what to even brain goes into overwhelmed/shut down mode so I love having these planning lists. Here are a few ideas you'll find in these links:

- conception

- announcement

- month-by-month

- doctor's visits

- baby shower

- baby names

- birth plan

- baby showers

Just want a template? - Downloadable JPG or PSD template you can use to have a pregnancy photo book printed

Do you just want someone to tell you what to do? Don't have time to plan your own custom baby book? Here's a beautiful graphic looking pregnancy scrapbook template you can download and then have a photo book printed to document your pregnancy.

Random Pregnancy and/or Baby Scrapbooks and/or Pages:

Find more pregnancy scrapbook ideas from time to time...

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