Baby Scrapbook Pages

part 2 of my 8 x 8 baby scrapbook album

Baby Scrapbook Pages – part 2 of my 8 x 8 baby scrapbook album. I've been updating my YouTube channel as I've been working on this 15 minutes at a time...Flylady style. I love doing my scrapbooking that way. I know I talk on the home page about baby stepping your way to getting things done. It's like this: if you think you have to have a whole afternoon, evening or weekend to get an album done, it probably won't happen. At least, not in my world. So, I set my timer for 15 minutes...sometimes 30 at a time and just do 1 step. Eventually it gets done and with very little stress. Don't know who Flylady is? She is not a scrapbooker. I've just applied what she's taught me about house work and managing life to my scrapbooking and it helps me SO much!!!

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Baby Scrapbook Pages 1

I started running out of 8 x 8 sheets of the patterned papers I'd chosen for this album so I used the scraps and pieced together some pages. You'll notice that I have a lot of pages with 2 patterns and 1 with 4 blocks. I love the way that turned out. I used a paper pack by Colorbok called Romance Pack 36220. It is very subtle and the colors are great for a traditional type baby album. Don't like traditional baby layouts...check these out! This page has 2 pieces of the same print to form the background. I used the corner rounder on both pieces to stay with that theme. I then used the greyish green polka dot paper to form an offset mat behind the photo and use the corner rounder on the mat and the photo. I kept with the ribbon theme and attached it with staples and added the ribbon tag from the Colorbok pack and finally the metal baby onsie charm.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 2

On this page I have just one piece for the background. I used the fleur de lis sticker from the paper pack as well. Once again I ran a strip of ribbon along the bottom and the same metal charms.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 3

I love using paper bags on my normal layouts. They make great holders for keepsakes. This paper bag holds the little piece of paper that my Mom used to track the feeding/meds schedule in the hospital and when we got home. That is my Mom! I used 1 piece of paper for the background and then matted the photo, attached the photo to the mat with staples and then attached both pieces to the background with tape. Well, before I attached the matted photo I used tape to attach the little paper bag which I covered with the same printed vellum I've used on some of the other pages. I used a fastenator “staple” to attach the ribbon “v” to the top of the paper bag. I've found that you really don't need the fastenator itself. You can poke the “staple” in the then just bend it back on the other side with your fingers - sort of like a brad. I also did some hand journaling on a piece of vellum and put it in the bag.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 4

Here is another one where I used 2 different papers for the background. This is my sweet sister Sarah. This is a very nice simple page. I used the metal charms from Making Memories and the greyish-green polka dot paper to keep the continuity.

Baby Scrapbook Layouts 5

My other sweet sister Anna Marie also known as Rie. I matted the photo and used the corner rounder on the photo and the mat and then added the fleur de lis sticker from the paper pack and the metal charms from Making Memories...another simple page.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 6

I used 2 different papers for this background and attached them with staples. I thought it was fun to “tuck the photo in” a bit like tucking in the baby. : ) This is my sweet sister Angela. I also used the fleur de lis and the metal charm.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 7

Here is the page where I used 4 different pattern paper color blocks and attached them with staples as well. I added the sticker on top of the photo and the stamped title “Sissa Bug” - that is her nick name...another one of my sweet sisters.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 8

This page and the next one are my husband his Mom and when I see these photos, I always think about how much they look alike. This page is also very simple. I attached the photo with staples and added the little tag and the decorative paper clip. I also included some journaling to let Noah know when he looks at the this that there is a letter from Grandma in one of the pockets of the book.

Baby Scrapbook Pages 9

And the last page. I've always loved this photo and the way it looks like Noah is looking up at Jonathan. He was just a couple hours old. : ) I used the metal frame to hightlight that part of the photo.

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