Scrapbooking Project

see a video of my art tin album and find out where to get the book

Scrapbooking Project – Video Tour of my birthday art tin album – Watch my video below and see how I use wallet size photos to fit more onto small layouts. I love creating mini albums – they are a great way to highlight and preserve memories from a specific event or trip. They also make wonderful gift albums. This one I did for my little sister and it is all about a birthday outing we did together – Putt Putt! I created cards/single sheets for each page but tins also work really well for accordion albums.

Project Ideas – Inspiration...Art Tins by Pinecone Press – If you want more ideas and inspiration just go to Amazon and type in Art Tins + Pinecone Press and you'll get a link to the book and tins. See the book I used for inspiration!

Project Ideas – See More Mini Albums – Wanna see more of my mini album ideas? Click on the Mini Albums tab over on the nav bar and check out my other videos of creative albums.

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More scrapbooking project ideas from time to time....

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