Scrapbook Sayings

3 great websites for finding quotes for your layouts

Scrapbook Sayings – Do you have a hard time deciding what to say on your page?...just don't want to write your own words. I've put together 3 websites for great inspiration and I included my journaling philosophy as well. Have fun!

Scrapbook Sayings 

Wow! This website has over 4700 sayings listed alphabetically and by category. That should make it pretty easy to find something to complement your scrap project. I like that it doesn't have a lot of distractions on the site. There aren't millions of words and ads competing for your attention. The whole site is very has just the quotes and journaling starters that you're looking for. Hmmmm...I'm thinking that would be something I'd like to research further...journaling about getting distracted. Most of the time, when I'm trying to find inspiration or a layout idea, I usually start with photos. But I think it would be cool to start with open ended sentences to start journaling and then find photos to go with the writing. Or maybe I would need to take some pics? Maybe more stories would get told that way.

Scrapbook Sayings

This site is intended for know those cute little sayings you find on crafts at shows. But I think many of them would work well for scrap projects as well. The thing I don't like is that they are not arranged by category...just alphabetically. I guess that could be helpful as well. It might be somewhere to get inspiration.

Would you prefer a book of quotes instead?

Scrapbook Sayings

I like PeppermintCreative in general...they have great customer service! They also have a listing of sayings for scrapbookers listed alphabetically and by category. Yay! And if you're into digital scrapbooking, they also have free digital scrapbook kits every so often.

Do you have a hard time with journaling? - In some ways I do too. My journaling philosophy is to just start writing. I've given up on writing the “perfect” cute thing, though, every now and then my writing and theme is better than others but most of the time, I just write. I usually scrapbook photos long after they are taken so I end up with a “then and now” perspective which I kinda like. I usually talk about what happened in the photo and what I am doing and what is going on in our lives around the time I do the journaling.

See more scrapbook sayings from time to time....

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