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my top 2 sites and 4 amazing free font sites

Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads – See my Top 2 favorite free digi sites and 4 sites full of free fonts for scrapping.]

How to learn digital scrapbooking
Digital scrapbooking blogs for ongoing inspiration
My Top 10 sites for free digi papers
Search engines to find digital freebies everyday
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4 amazing free font sites

Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads – My TOP Pick – – I have done quite a bit of searching and digging online and have not found a site that has the number of free, quality, well-organized digital items as There are a lot of other resources out there but this is so neat and organized...that is what I like about it so much...not much clutter. I can actually see what is there. They have digital kits, digital papers, alphabets and fonts.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads – My Second Pick – – I LOVE this site. It is basically an amazing community of scrapbookers both digital and paper. If you want to find their free digital stuff, click on the shopping tab on the top nav bar and then scroll down on the left to digital kits. Click on that and then sort Price: Lowest to Highest and you'll find a very good selection of free digital kits.

How to learn digital scrapbooking.

Digital scrapbooking blogs for ongoing inspiration.

My Top 10 sites for free digital scrapbooking papers.

Search engines to find digital freebies everyday.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads - - They have 2 sections on the front is called Fonts for Peas and one is free scrapbook fonts. The fonts for peas section is all handwriting fonts that people have sent in and the owner of the site has turned their handwriting into a computer font. You can even send in your handwriting – they don't guarantee that yours will be selected but it sounds like fun...she gives another website suggestion if you want to pay to have yours done. I love how generous they are with their terms of use. You can learn more about my experience with this site in the video I did for my youtube channel:

Free Digital Scrapping Downloads - - I like that this site is very clean lined and not cluttered! I tend to click away if a site has too much on it but you won't find that at Another thing that is super cool is that on the FAQ page they have a link to a site that will allow you to upload a scan of a font you are looking for and it has an automated system to help you find it. This site is not marketed a scrapbooking fonts site but you should be able to use them for that...most of them are freeware.

Free Digital Scrapping Downloads - - This is not a scrapbook font site either but most of them are freeware and can be used commercially or non commercially. They have a great selection and are well organized.

Free Digital Scrapbooking Downloads - – Wow! Most of these are for sale but they do have a free font tab on the top navigation bar third tab from the right and they are super cool looking!

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