Organizing Scrapbook Supplies

See what I do to keep my stuff in order

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Are you feeling overwhelmed by all the cool ideas out there? I know how you feel! Something I often think - trying not to become a scrapbook supply collector. It is impossible not to do that to some degree but I try to stay focused on creating the scrapbook pages and not just organizing the cute stuff. : ) I start looking at photos or videos of other peoples scrapbook spaces and they have these super cute organizers and all their supplies are labeled with color coded labels and their spaces are amazing...blah, blah, blah. You know what I'm talking about. Anyway, I still like all that stuff but in my little world, I've found that I do better to organize “good enough.” So come on it and I'll show you what I do.

Scrapbook Desk Ideas!

Here's my scrapbook space – it is in the corner of our Den/Family Room right next to the Kitchen. It is a great place for it except that my husband would like to make it more of a sitting day?

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Paper and Paper Scraps

I've seen ideas for arranging papers by color and by pattern but I've found that when I'm working on a project, I get most of them out anyway and they get mixed up and I don't put them back in order. All of my papers are in one large Sterilite drawer. When I get ready to start a layout, I usually take my photos and look through my stack of paper and try to find colors and patterns that will work for the pics/event/subject. Usually, I then lay them out on the floor of the drafting board and look at the different possibilities until I decide. There might be things that would work better for me but my method does work and I already have my drawers so I go with it. I keep all my paper scraps in one drawer above the full sheets and I use them to add to layouts and I use them a lot for card making.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Embellishments

I try to keep my embellishments in the package that they came in but other than that they all “live” in the same drawers. There are chipboard alphabet pieces, brads, wood pieces, adhesive charms, jewels, mosaic stickers and, well, lots of other stuff. It is fun to look for embellishments not just in the scrapbook store/isle. I've used aluminum foil and tissue paper and things I've found in the sewing department...just whatever looks interesting. I try to protect the photos themselves if I'm not sure the stuff I'm using is acid free but I don't always. I just do the best I can.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Ribbon

My ribbon is stored in drawers as well. Can you tell I love my Sterilite drawers? : ) I'd love to tell you that all the ribbon is neatly wound on cards or spools but that wouldn't be true. Once again, it would just get messed up again anyway, but it is “neatly” in a drawer and not all over my scrap desk or all over the house. And all the ribbon is in the same drawer so I “do” know where to find it.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Punches

Love, love, love my punches. I use my circle punches the most. If you're not sure what to get or on a limited budget..go with circles! All my punches also live in my drawers. They are in the smaller drawers on top of my drafting table. They don't get too unorganized that way. There isn't much room in the drawer to get jumbled up.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Stamps and Ink Pads

I do try to keep my “greeting” stamps (ones with words) in one drawer and my other stamps in another drawer. Then I have boxed sets of stamps and I keep those in the boxes they originally came in. Like the great Stampin' Up stamps I found at a garage sale. I keep some of my alphabet stamps in the original boxes and some of them in “pencil” is usually the foam alphabet stamps.

Organizing Scrapbook Supplies – Card Making Stuff

My scrapbook stuff and my card making stuff is pretty much the same stuff except for the cards themselves and I keep those my color in one of the drawers in the drawer tower to the right of my desk.

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