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Digital Scrapbook Printing – single layouts, photo books, full bleed, file type. There are so many things to consider when you decide to print some of your scrapbook projects. Hopefully I can help you sort through some of your questions and tell you about my favorite places to print my layouts. This page is all about Single Layout Printing.

Wanna know about photo books or printing an entire scrapbook album? - Coming Soon!

There are hundreds of variables when considering how and where to print your layouts. I obviously can't cover everything but I'm going to cover what I looked for and how I went about it.

I found this link for Top 10 scrapbook printing services/sites and I looked at each one. Some of the sites were hard to navigate or didn't have clear directions or whatever so I narrowed the list down even further and I came up with my Top 2 list:

I chose these 2 because I could upload my already designed layouts from Photoshop Elements.

Digital Scrapbook Printing Top Pick! - - This is my Top Pick!

What I like about - They have a Facebook fan page where they post sales. I happen to use Facebook a lot and I like being able to see the sale posts right in my feed and I like being able to see what other people are saying about them.

- They print 12 x 12's ($1.99) and 8 x 8's (.99)– I usually work in 12 x 12 so it works great for me and if I want to save moneyon digital scrapbook printing, I can just have them print mine in 8 x 8.

- $5.00 flat shipping fee – I'm thinking I'll save all my layouts up and wait for a sale and then order a lot at a time. : )

- I also like the fact that they included a note with my shipment stating that if I wasn't happy with the prints to email them for a reprint. Being a bit new to digital scrapbooking, I didn't think about them trimming the prints. I should have not placed of the digital elements within 1/4” of the border. But I was still happy with them. I looked at the original file and it looked just about the same to me. But I did appreciate them offering. : ) They sent them in a flat box but they did get ever so slightly “bent” but it was still fine with me. It wasn't very noticeable.

- Their prints are “full bleed” which means that they don't have any white borders.

- They ONLY use the highest archival-quality photo paper (Fuji Crystal Archive Premium). Scratch Resistant. Water Proof.

Tip! Want to save money on digital scrapbook printing? Have your layouts printed in 8 x 8 size – they're ½ the price! I'm thinking about doing this a lot. The 8 x 8 albums are cheaper too.

Digital Scrapbook Printing #2 Pick - ScrapbookstoShare – – This is the first company I ever used. They printed my first digital layout! : ) I really liked/like their service.

What I like about

- They offer a free sample pack so you can see what your layouts are going to look like on their papers. You just pay shipping! They also included an info sheet about the archival quality of their prints.

- They have lightning quick customer service. I ordered my sample package late one evening and when I got up the next morning, I already had a ship notification! : ) And recently I had a question and I had an answer within 30 minutes and it was on a Friday evening. Wow! Thanks, Lise!

- They have a Facebook fan page so I can follow sales announcements in my feed and see what other people are saying. I like that!

- My samples came in with white borders which is not my favorite look. I emailed the owner, Lise, and she said this, “In the special instructions type "full bleed 12x12"- you may select 12 x 12 with border but it will come full 12x12 if we see the note :-)

Want to design and print all at the same site? Check out one of these for digital scrapbook printing:

1. – you can customize your photo book or find templates for single scrapbook page prints

2. – has quite a few templates for creating single layouts

3. – has lots of scrapbook templates you can customize then email, post to Facebook, print at home or a store, save to a digital photo frame, burn to DVD or record as a video.

Want local pickup? - Try I chose not to order from them because their prices were quite a bit higher and I was happy with my Top 2 picks already. But if I needed something ASAP, I would use them. You can order from and pick up from your local Target in 1 hour. How cool is that?!

You might also try Costco. I don't have a membership but I've read good things online from other people.

See more reviews for digital scrapbook printing from time to time....

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