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The Real Life Scrapbooker's Resource, Issue #037 - How to Use Stamps and Heat Embossing
June 25, 2013

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Hey, Ya'll,

Hmmm?...What to talk about? Well...we've been working hard on home schooling. The boys went to a science camp every day last week...whew!...that was intense! But I think they learned a lot and I got a couple photos and lots of memorabilia to put in my 2013 Project Life Inspired album. I'm loving it so much! I'm actually saving more stuff and not feeling as overwhelmed by it 'cause I know I can just "stick it" in with the pages and it's all in one place.

I'm not doing quite as much yard work. I used to mow and my husband worked on his business. Then, our riding mower stopped working well and my husband took over the least, it's been that way for a few weeks. I never resented mowing. He works hard and I offered to do the mowing. Routines change sometimes, though. So, I've not been out in the yard quite as much. : ) We'll see? Maybe I'll go back to it soon or sometime this never know.

Hope you enjoy the scrapbook layouts this month!

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High school Choir

I was home schooled from Kindergarten - 12th grade. People always wondered if I/my siblings were "socialized." In many ways we were. During my high school years, I cheered for our basketball team, took classes at our Friday co-op (biology, composition, history, concert choir) and lots of other activities. I have such warm memories of choir and recently I was going through my big box of stuff from my childhood and found this photo and a program from choir as well. The program is on bright yellow paper and really didn't coordinate well with the photo so I created a pocket on the back to hold the program and a hand drawn map that brought back a lot of memories. I love pocket techniques for scrapbooking!

In a few of my back issues I have some other home school layouts...mostly about home school studies/projects I've done with my boys...I home school them. : ) It's fun to incorporate school assignments into my scrapbook projects.

For this layout, I used a back ground paper that has text/script on it in gold and black. Then I mounted the photo and placed 2 black pieces of card stock behind it in the top left and bottom right corners. Next, I used 2 flourish stamps with rust embossing powder and heat set the stamps so that they have a metallic, glossy finish. See how to do heat embossing on your scrapbooking pages with your stamps. I lightly rubbed the embossing ink stamp pad across the page in the bottom right corner and sprinkled some of the same embossing powder there and heat set it as well. That way the 2 flourish designs and the free-form rust in the bottom right corner form a visual triangle...its a design principle I learned from Noell Hyman of love her scrapbooking podcast. It's a great way to "stay in the mindset" of scrapbooking while also getting something else done...exercise/cleaning. It's very often one of my scrapbooking baby-steps for the day.


Background paper: The Timeless Type Stack from DCWV - Die Cuts with a View - I got this at Michaels

Flourish Stamps: clear cling stamps by Inkadinkado - Dot Flourishes

Embossing powder: Recollections (Michael's house brand) Carnelian color

Title: alphabet cling stamps by Recollections - I don't know the name of them

Using Memorabilia on 12 x 12 Layouts

I love scrapbooking every day life stuff. Sometimes, it is the thing that brings back the most memories for me. So, recently when I was looking through my childhood/old memorabilia, I came across this Reading List that used to be on our fridge when my husband and I were first married...11 years ago...eeek. : ) My husband and I have always been a bit nerdy and competitive and this list just shows that - especially in that season of our lives. So, I decided to scrapbook it. It is all beat up and torn and stained but I put it on a 12x12 layout anyways. There wasn't much room left for journaling so I put a plain white envelope partially underneath the reading list. It can hold the journaling (when I finally get to it). Sometimes, I create layouts and then go back and journal as one of my scrapbooking baby-steps. I don't always "have time" (or inspiration) to journal as soon as I finish the layout I'm working on but at least I'm that much closer. This type of thinking has gotten more of my scrapbooking projects "done" then if I had never done anything because I thought I'd "never get it all done" : )

I used the same embossing technique and the same visual triangle design principle as the 1st layout. I'm famous for that. I get in "ruts" - I can usually tell when I look through my scrapbook albums which layouts were created around the same time in my life. : )


Background paper: Mosaic Memories paper pack by Recollections

Heart stamp: foam stamp - not sure of the brand...I think it came from JoAnns a long time ago? - foam stamps are so inexpensive

Embossing powder: the same as the 1st layout

What about next month?

You just never know. We'll see...stay tuned to Youtube to find out.

Until sometime around the middle of July

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